Its purpose is to develop algorithms to help solving problems utilizing the computational power of a quantum computer.

  • QADE - stands for Quantum Algorithm Development - new software, early stages of development, build to function on a quantum machine platform.
    We are developing a new generation of software, who take advantage of the computation power of a quantum computer. First, our main focus is to target only the aerospace sector. At a later stage, we will extend our development towards different areas of industries.

    Download the latest version of QADE from GitHub portal.

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  • We are searching potential business partners and investors, to help us develop our business project.

  • To step further into development of our software, we are searching potential investors and business partners, willing to invest financial, material or other types of resources.

    If you believe in our project and you want to get involved, than you can contact us on the number posted on the contact page or send us an email.

    Thank you for your trust in our project and for a likely collaboration.